What is a Schufa-free account?

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When opening an account, the credit institute usually requires a credit check and an assessment by a so-called rating agency such as SCHUFA. But are these checks really always necessary? Is it really necessary for the bank to assess the risk in all cases?

Why is a credit check necessary?

It goes without saying that every credit institution is a company that acts economically and profits from profits. As far as possible, financial risks should therefore be excluded from the outset. In order to keep economic losses to a minimum, when an account is opened, a check is carried out to determine whether a business relationship involves a risk or not. The request to SCHUFA is used for this.

What is SCHUFA?

SCHUFA is a rating agency that can evaluate the creditworthiness of a particular person according to certain parameters. If there have been delays in settling bills or repaying loans in the past, this will be assessed negatively at SCHUFA and the creditworthiness will decrease .

How do I open a bank account without SCHUFA ?

It works without it! As soon as it is a credit-based account - this means that the account can only be managed with credit - an inquiry or report to SCHUFA is not necessary. This means that the account can be opened without SCHUFA . Thanks to the credit function, only the amount that is currently available can be used and not a cent more. There is no overdraft of the credit like with a classic overdraft facility with this type of account.

Credit institutions such as Pay Here, which specialize in credit accounts, have no contact with SCHUFA or comparable rating agencies. A negative credit check or a bad SCHUFA score do not stand in the way of opening an account. Even after the account is opened, the account is not sent to SCHUFA. Credit-based accounts are 100% Schufa-free .

Open a Schufa-free online account independently within a few minutes:

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