The Mastercard for your benefits in kind

Benefits in kind card

The Mastercard for your benefits in kind

Benefits in kind card

The Mastercard for your benefits in kind

Benefits in kind card

Advantages as an employer

The small salary increase: Up to 44 euros per month tax-free for your employees. Inspire your employees and save yourself having to pay taxes.

Easy administration, full cost control

The employer can transfer a monthly amount of EUR 44 tax-free to the online account of the benefit-in-kind card. This amount can be spent by employees worldwide at over 35 million acceptance points using a Mastercard, such as the benefit-in-kind card, for various requests or saved for larger requests.

The benefit-in-kind card can be managed at any time online or mobile. A separate account number for each benefit-in-kind card enables the employer to easily integrate it into the internal payroll accounting. Each card can easily be topped up by the employer via bank transfer in the password-protected online area. This means that there is only very little administrative effort.

Benefits as an employee

The benefit-in-kind card offers both employers and employees numerous advantages.

Earn up to 528 euros more annually

Mastercard for worldwide payments

Secure management online or via app

Simple and flexible handling

For credit card payments. Payments in kind map of Pay Here based on a balance principle. This prevents higher amounts from being spent than can currently be recorded as credit on the card. There are minimal restrictions when using the payment in kind card, as only payment by card is possible, but no cash withdrawals from the machine.

Without cash withdrawals. The payment in kind card is a Mastercard for credit card payments, but not for cash withdrawals at the machine. This is based on the legal requirements for tax-free, monthly benefits in kind. With the VIMpay mobile app, your employees manage the benefit-in-kind card easily, securely and conveniently via their smartphone.

Then request further information on the benefit-in-kind card now free of charge and without obligation!