Expense account with prepaid Mastercard

Expense card

Expense account with prepaid Mastercard

Expense card

Expense account with prepaid Mastercard

Expense card

Your advantages

Expense card without SCHUFA request. You can top up the expense cards in real time via the expense account. The expense account including expense cards is particularly suitable for employees on business trips. Companies and employees receive an up-to-date overview of all account transactions. This enables ideal cost control for all expense cards.

Optimal expense and travel expense management. You can use the expense cards without SCHUFA to manage the expenses of your field staff. Each expense card is a real prepaid Mastercard , which can be topped up in real time via the company's expense account. The expenditure can be tracked online at any time.

How does an expense account work?

You can top up, monitor and manage expense cards via the expense account. With the Pay Here expense account, you can apply for a Mastercard for each of your employees on a credit basis.

All you have to do is register your company and employees. The plastic cards of the employees are accepted worldwide thanks to Mastercard. The top-up via the collective account takes place in real time. The expense account without SCHUFA is suitable for companies with sales representatives.

Thanks to the central administration you always have the expenses and costs under control. You also have the option of defining a credit limit for expense cards. In this way you always keep the expense costs of all employees under control.

Do you know our benefit in kind card?

The benefit-in-kind card is the perfect solution for companies that want to reward their employees with a tax-free salary increase.

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