Credit card: PIN, signature or nothing?

PIN security tips:

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Whether in the restaurant, at the cash register or while traveling. We use it always and everywhere: the credit card. When paying by card, you are often asked to enter your PIN to make the payment. Sometimes, however, you are only given a receipt to sign. Sometimes you are not asked for a PIN or a signature when you pay. What is the background?

Only PIN instead of signature?

The credit card is practical, handy but can also be lost quickly. In order to ensure a high level of security for Mastercard users, the signature has been abolished. From then on you should only be able to pay using the PIN. The PIN generally provides more security because it cannot be forged, such as the signature.

It is also very important that no one else knows the credit card PIN except yourself. You should therefore keep the PIN secret and not write it down anywhere.

Forgot card PIN - what now?

A delicate subject. You probably know it too. You are stressed, in your thoughts, while shopping and suddenly it happens: You have forgotten your PIN! And it cannot be recalled either. Then you stand there - an uncomfortable situation for everyone. What should you do now?

In general, the only option here is to contact the bank and retrieve your PIN again. As a Pay Here customer you have the advantage that the PIN can be called up at any time in your personal online area or via the app on your smartphone.

When is a PIN required? When not?

The PIN is always requested as security when paying for purchases at the card terminal or when withdrawing cash from the machine. However, exceptions confirm the rule: For purchases under a value of € 25, the PIN is normally no longer requested, but the payment is simply carried out.

Another case where no PIN is required is paying with a smartphone. Here the PIN is replaced, for example, by confirmation via FaceID or via fingerprint.

What is a desired PIN?

As the name suggests, the desired PIN is a 4-digit PIN that you can choose (= wish) yourself. The big advantage here is that you can more easily remember a PIN you have chosen.

On the other hand, a desired PIN can possibly be found out more easily by a stranger than a random PIN code. Especially if the PIN relates to personal data such as the date of birth or is too simple.

Pay Here also offers the option of storing a PIN of your choice. Pay Here has set some restrictions for security when creating the desired PIN:

  • No reference to personal data such as birthday, year of birth or similar.
  • Not a simple sequence of numbers like 1234
  • No schnapps numbers like 5555

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