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The Pay Here is an e-money institute certified and regulated by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). The head office is in Freising and a branch in Stuttgart. Pay Here specializes in payment services with Debit Mastercard, online accounts and garnishment protection accounts.

Our booking times are on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Incoming transfers are usually credited to the Pay Here account after 1-2 bank working days.

Outgoing transfers made before 3 p.m. are booked on the same day. Transfers after 3 p.m. are made on the following working day.

No bookings are made on weekends and on national and Bavarian public holidays.

Our business hours are:
Monday to Friday: 7.30 a.m. - 6.30 p.m.
Saturday: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

You can find our contact options here under Contact .


You register online with your personal data for the desired Pay Here account. As soon as you have confirmed your mobile phone number by SMS-TAN, you will receive your new IBAN and can use it to receive money.

In order to complete the account opening, the following additional steps are necessary after registering using the online form:

  • Make an initial top-up to pay the fees
  • Carry out legitimation via VideoIdent or PostIdent
  • Define card PIN
  • Choose card design

As soon as all conditions are met, you will also receive your new plastic card.

The cell phone number is important for performing transactions and other actions such as changing passwords. With the mTan procedure, we will send you a 6-digit TAN via SMS. With this TAN you then confirm your orders accordingly.

With the legitimation you confirm the authenticity of your person. The procedure is a legal requirement and is necessary to ensure that no accounts are opened for fraudulent purposes (fake accounts).

You can legitimize your Pay Here account in two ways:

You legitimize yourself conveniently via VideoChat using an internet-enabled device with a camera and microphone (e.g. smartphone). Have a valid ID or passport ready to show in the camera.

You legitimize yourself at a branch of the German Post. For this purpose, we provide you with a PostIdent coupon in the online area, which you show in the branch together with your identity card or passport.

After you have filled out the registration form online and confirmed your registration by email, you will be asked to confirm your mobile phone number via SMS-TAN.

After confirmation, you will receive the IBAN for your new account and money can already be transferred to the account (e.g. transfer IBAN for wages to the employer). To actively use the account, you need to follow the other required steps:

  • Initial charge
  • legitimation
  • Card pin and card design

With the initial top-up, the first fees due must be covered and, after deduction, at least EUR 0.01 must be available as credit.

Yes, you can set a PIN for your card during the activation process. The following restrictions apply to the PIN of your choice:
- No sequence of numbers (example: 1234)
- No schnapps number (example: 6666)
- No relation to personal data such as date / year of birth (example: 2608 or 1980, if date of birth 08/26/1980)

Please note that when you order a replacement card or renew your card, a random card PIN is generated and your desired PIN is therefore invalid.

You can access your PIN at any time in the online area. For security reasons, there is no postal dispatch.

During the account opening you have the option of defining the card design for your Mastercard. You can choose between the standard design, templates from an image gallery or your own image.

The following content violates the guidelines if you decide on an individual card design:

  • Telephone numbers, web addresses, etc.
  • Brand names / logos without a license
  • Historical or political figures
  • Political or religious background
  • Illegal or anti-social behavior
  • Offenses against good morals (e.g. pornographic content)

For good image quality, a resolution of at least 1028 × 677 pixels and .jpg or .png formats should be selected.

In the event of copyright or trademark infringement, the cardholder is solely and directly liable.

Please note that our bank accounts cannot be used as a joint account and a power of attorney cannot be deposited. Only the cardholder is entitled to manage the account and receive information about customer service.

According to § 154 Tax Code (AO), credit institutions are obliged to collect the identification number (IdNr.) Or the business identification number (W-IdNr.) For every account holder, person entitled to dispose and beneficial owner within the meaning of the GwG.

As a Pay Here customer, you will be asked to enter a German tax ID or identification number in your online area. German identification numbers have 11 digits and always consist of numbers.

The identification number can be found on your tax certificate, usually in the letterhead as shown in the following sample illustration:


After you have completed the registration and confirmed your mobile number, you will receive the IBAN for your Pay Here account. The next step is to top up the new account to cover the first fees due.

When you top up your card for the first time, you have various options:

  • by transfer
  • by cash payment at an external bank (often additional costs)
  • via PayPal (requirement: legitimation must be completed beforehand)

You can simply top up your Pay Here account by bank transfer. Either from your own second current account, from another person or, for example, from the employer for wage and salary payments.

You will find the account details (IBAN, BIC) in your personal online area.

You can also send money to your account by depositing cash, but since Pay Here does not have its own branches, this is only possible from external banks. A deposit of cash can be associated with additional costs. To do this, please contact the counter of the respective bank.

When you top up your card for the first time, you have various options. PayPal is one possibility of this. If you have a PayPal account, you can easily do your first top-up from it. It is important that you have already done the video / postident, only a legitimate account can be stored.

This also applies to future recharges. If you did not deposit our card with PayPal when you first loaded it, you can of course do so.

If there are difficulties with depositing our card with PayPal, please contact PayPal support.

Yes, credit by check is possible. Please send the check with details of your name and your Pay Here IBAN (account number) to the following address:

Pay Here GmbH
Richard-Wagner-Str. 1
70184 Stuttgart

Please note:

  • The check must not be older than 2 months
  • Only checks by German credit institutions made out in EUR are accepted
  • The check must be signed by the recipient on the reverse
  • The credit is issued 5 bank working days after receipt
  • There is a fee of 3 euros per check credit

It usually takes 1-2 banking days for the money to be credited to your account. (1 day processing time from sender bank, 1 day processing day Pay Here as recipient bank).

For some Pay Here products, there is an annual turnover limit of € 2,500. This is related to the respective legitimation procedure.

The remaining top-up limit indicates how much credit can still be topped up on the Mastercard before the annual turnover limit is reached.

Online area

In the online area under the "Settings" tab, you can adjust your personal data such as address, mobile phone number or email address at any time. You can also change your password and / or your security question here.

If you can no longer log in and you no longer have access to the stored mobile phone number or email address, contact us at support. In such cases, please send us your identity card (front and back) by email.

We will check your documents and, if necessary, legitimize them by phone so that we can make the changes.

In your online area, under “My card> Charges” you will find a view of the open charges and when they are due.

Under the “Sales” tab, you will find the “Show fees” button to view the calculated fees in your sales overview.

You can view your sales in your online area under the "Sales" tab of the same name. Here you can choose the period for which you want to see the sales.

You can also export the sales for the selected period as a PDF or download a booking log / receipt for each individual booking.

The TAN entry when logging in is primarily for your security. In general, you will be asked to enter a TAN whenever you want to log in with a device that is still unknown. You also have the option of permanently activating a device, which means that no TAN entry is required for this device.

In the following cases, you will be asked to enter a TAN (again) when logging in:

  1. You are using a new device
    Each device must be confirmed individually. For example, if you use your PC and smartphone to log in, both devices must be permanently activated so that no TAN entry is required.

  2. You have only released the device once instead of permanently
    You have the option of permanently activating a device if you do not want to be prompted for a TAN. If this is not the case, you must always confirm each individual login with a TAN.

  3. You are using a different browser or have adjusted the browser settings
    To identify your device, a so-called fingerprint is used, which is made up of various parameters (e.g. device type, browser type, screen resolution). If these parameters change due to the use of a different browser or if the browser settings have changed, devices that have already been activated can no longer be recognized and you will be prompted again to activate the device when you log in.

You can easily make a transfer in your online area under the tab "Account functions". You also have the option of setting up an appointment transfer or a standing order.

The prerequisite for this is that you have activated the account function. If this is deactivated, you can make a single transfer per month.

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password using the security question. After the first unsuccessful attempt to log in, you will see the "Reset password" button.

If you have not yet entered a security question for your account, please contact us in support by email or phone and we will help you.

After successfully opening an account, Pay Here accounts automatically support the HBCI standard. This means that you can use all HBCI-enabled financial applications and set up your Pay Here account there.

Simply use the stored email address and the password you have chosen as HBCI access data.

In individual cases, the data of our HBCI server must be entered manually:

  • Bank code: 70017000
  • Institute: Pay Here
  • Server address: https://fints.
  • HBCI version: 3.00
  • TAN procedure: mTAN


In principle, your Mastercard is valid for 5 years. You will receive a notification in your online area 4 weeks before the expiry date that you can apply for a follow-up card. To do this, confirm the shipping address to which your new plastic card should be sent.

After receiving the new plastic card, you can activate it in the online area, which will invalidate your old card. Your PIN, expiry date and CVC security code will change with the new card.

If your card is damaged or lost, you can conveniently order a new one in the online area under the tab "My card> Replacement card".

There is no charge for both subsequent cards and replacement cards.

In the online area under "Settings> Transaction Limits" you can see and edit all limits for all card transactions.

For all limits, there is a prescribed maximum amount or a maximum number that cannot be exceeded.

If you would like to block your card, for example due to loss or fraudulent charges, contact us by phone during our business hours.

Outside of business hours, you can also block your card via the central blocking emergency call:

  • from Germany: 116 116 (free)
  • from abroad: 0049 116 116 (chargeable)

When you receive your first card, you will find the PIN (without activation) in the online area, under the tab "My card"> "Card view"> "Show PIN".

When sending a follow-up or replacement card, proceed as follows:

After you have confirmed receipt of your card in the online area, please log out once and log back into your account. You will then find the new PIN for your new card under the tab "My Card"> "Card View"> "Show PIN".

P account

If you already have a garnishment protection account, you can have your monthly garnishment allowance. If you do not yet have a P-Account , you must convert your existing account into a garnishment protection account within four weeks. Otherwise no dispositions are possible.

Yes. We accept suspensions and suspensions as well as suspensions and changes in amounts by fax or post directly by the creditor.

If you did not serve the obligee through us or through the online module, we need the obligee to cancel or change the amount directly.

You can convert your fully opened account into a P account at any time in the online area under "Garnishment Protection". After receipt of the garnishment, you have a further four weeks to do so.

A few seconds - your account will be converted into a P account immediately.

No, unfortunately only private individuals can have a P-Account.

No, by law each person is only allowed to have one P account. Please cancel the other account first or convert it back to a regular account.

You can find your current seizure allowance in the online area under "seizure protection".

The tax exemption can be increased using the tax exemption certificate. You can find a form to download in the online area under "Seizure protection". Print it out, have it filled out by a suitable person or body and send it to us in the original and by post to one of our addresses. You can find these in the imprint .

No, increases in the exemption must be certified by a suitable person or body. These include the employer, the family benefits office, the social service provider, lawyers and tax and debt advisory services.

Yes, for security reasons please always submit all documents in the original and by post. You can find our addresses in the imprint .

We usually process incoming documents, emails and faxes on the same day, provided they are delivered within our opening hours.

Your standard tax exemption is always active. Exempt amount increases due to maintenance obligations, child benefit, etc. are valid for two years from the issue of the certificate and must then be renewed. To find out your exact date, please contact our competence team.

The amounts of the exemption as well as the exemption increases in the case of maintenance obligations are published by the Federal Office of Justice every two years in the attachment exemption notice.

You can find out if you deduct your previous incoming payments from your monthly garnishment allowance.

With a seizure protection account, all amounts that are not protected by the exemption are generally seizable. So the payments were probably above your personal allowance. Please have a certificate for the tax exemption increase filled out so that the social benefits are within the exemption limit of the P account. We can then release the levies for you.

Both your employer and we as your bank can be attached as third-party debtors.

The wage garnishment table is based on Section 850c (2) ZPO, which is not relevant for P accounts according to Section 850k (1) ZPO. For this reason, different, more rigid exemptions apply to seizure protection accounts than to wages and salaries.

The wage garnishment table is based on Section 850c (2) ZPO, which is not relevant for P accounts according to Section 850k (1) ZPO. For this reason, different, more rigid exemptions apply to seizure protection accounts than to wages and salaries. If there is already a garnishment of wages, however, no double garnishment should be made. You can contact the local court or the enforcement authority directly to have your P-account exemption set based on the monthly incoming payments from your employer.

If there is no (longer) attachment, you can apply for a conversion. However, this generally makes no sense or you have no disadvantages if the attachment protection is still active. As long as there is no garnishment, you can use the account without restrictions.

If the P-account is still attached, it is not possible to cancel it!

You always have the credit available until the end of the following month.

You will receive a rebooking in accordance with Section 850k, Paragraph 1, Clause 2 of the German Code of Civil Procedure (ZPO) if there were levies in the previous month and these did not result from a rebooking at the beginning of the previous month. Amounts that have already been transferred cannot be transferred again. As a simple formula we recommend:
Rebooking in the following month = skimming in the current month - rebooking at the beginning of the current month.

The obligee must submit an application for remittance to his bank. If this application is sent to us by his bank, we will transfer the amount back to the client with your permission.

Company account

If your company is already registered in the commercial register, we need a copy of a current extract from the commercial register (not older than 2 months). If your company is still in the founding phase, we need a copy of the notarized certificate of incorporation. For registered associations, we need a copy of the association's articles of association and a current extract from the association's register (not older than 2 months).

Yes, the business accounts (as well as private accounts) at Pay Here work on a credit basis, which is why no Schufa check or Schufa report is carried out.

Gladly by email (info@ or by fax (08161 40 60 333)

You will receive the new IBAN for your business account immediately after registration and confirmation of your mobile phone number. This can be used directly for incoming payments and top-ups. The card will only be sent after the account has been fully activated.

Complete entry in the German commercial register is required.

You need a business registration with your current data (freelancers do not need a business registration). You also need a sample invoice of how you bill your customers.

Do you have any questions?

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