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In the case of a seizure, objects can be confiscated by a bailiff. Basically, the affected consumer should be guaranteed the subsistence level as with a P-account .

What can be seized?

Objects that are needed for everyday life may not be seized. Also, things that are necessary for the exercise of the profession may not be confiscated. Objects that verifiably belong to a person living in the household cannot be attached. Jewelry may be seized, but not if it is a wedding ring. Another possibility of attachment is an exchange attachment. Here, expensive items can be exchanged for a less expensive version. Luxury items are mostly affected by attachment.

Those affected often ask themselves what to do with their car in the event of a seizure. We provide information on the subject of cars and seizures so that you can assess your situation and prepare for it.

When are cars seized?

Basically, cars are considered luxury items and can therefore be seized. However, there are several cases in which a garnishment can be waived:

  1. Exercise of gainful employment
    If a car is indispensable for the debtor concerned because the continued exercise of the profession is not possible or at risk, a garnishment is often waived. This would be the case, for example, with a pizza delivery company or a craftsman. In addition, exceptions are made if the consumer concerned has no other option than his own vehicle to reach his workplace.
  1. Low value of the car
    If the value of the vehicle concerned is very low, it is often not worth seizing the car and is therefore not carried out.
  1. Limited mobility of the person concerned
    If the consumer concerned lives in a rural area, where mobility would be severely restricted in the event of an attachment of the car, an attachment can be ignored.
  1. Proven disability
    If the person concerned is dependent on his vehicle due to a handicap, the vehicle will not be seized upon proof of the handicap.

Tip : In general, the seizure of the car depends on the person and the situation and can never be made a flat rate. We recommend those affected to visit a debt counseling center and seek advice from experts on the subject of car seizure.

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