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The starting shot for self-employment usually takes place as a small business. As a small business owner, you are not yet required to keep accounts, which is why many start-ups ask themselves right from the start whether they should do business with their own private account or whether their own business account without Schufa makes sense for their company.

Why is a company account useful?

Having your own checking account for doing business is a must. Nowadays, a current account is indispensable for economic participation in modern payment transactions. Invoices to suppliers or salaries to employees are paid exclusively by bank transfer. Each management consultant refers to a separate bank account for business purposes. In order to organize all business expenses in a clear structure right from the start, your own private account should never be used as a business account. All postings that take place on the company account can ultimately be clearly assigned to the company. You can save yourself a lot of time and trouble with the tax return, since there is no confusion or inconvenience with private expenses.

How can costs for company accounts be saved?

Various providers offer managers of small businesses the option of adding the company name as the recipient's name to their bank details. This type is a private account that can be managed as a business account with the additional company name . The big advantage is the cost savings, as high fees can be charged for a company account. In addition, no entry is required in the commercial register, which is why these bank accounts are very popular with small businesses.

How can I create additional security for myself?

The step into self-employment is not always a picnic, especially in the first few years. Often there are financial bottlenecks and account attachments are the result. MasterCard prepaid debit credit cards with an account function , which can optionally be managed as a seizure protection account, offer an alternative. In the event of a seizure, the debtors then have a basic allowance of € 1,178.59 at their disposal. Under certain circumstances, such as receiving child benefit or maintenance payments, this exemption limit can be increased by means of corresponding certificates.

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