Advantages and disadvantages of a debit credit card

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The prepaid debit credit card , which is still popularly unjustifiably referred to as the “poor people's credit card”, offers a wide variety of advantages in payment transactions. Both online when booking a flight and offline for cash withdrawals abroad.

What is a Debit Credit Card?

The debit credit card is a credit card on a credit basis that is topped up via a reference account . The card can be used at many acceptance points worldwide. When you register for a Debit MasterCard, you will receive a plastic card, which you can design in your desired design, an account and HBCI-compatible access to online banking.

What are the disadvantages of a debit credit card?

One of the few disadvantages is that the card has to be topped up using a reference account. This can sometimes take a little longer than a normal transfer. Many people are put off by the fees of a debit credit card, such as monthly fees. But when you compare the advantages and the comparison to ordinary credit cards, the fees of the Debit Mastercard are perfectly acceptable.

What are the benefits of a debit credit card?

Probably the biggest advantage over a credit card with a credit limit is that it is not possible to go into debt . Due to the debit principle, you can only use the amount that you have previously charged. For a credit card on a credit basis, you can also register with a negative Schufa entry, with debts, bankruptcy or already existing seizures.

With the help of the garnishment protection account, garnishments, debts or the like are repaid, while you still have access to your account and of course your money. A Debit Mastercard can be ordered without any problems even if you are unemployed and receive Hartz IV or social assistance. The debit principle also ensures that there is no new debt.

The e-money institute Pay Here offers the ideal solution for this with the MeineGiroKarte . It is one of the Debit Mastercards, which, due to the credit principle, offer protection against debt.

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