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Prabhas Rebel Star in Unstoppable with NBK

Entertainment - LORRY TRANS - November 17, 2023

If you like to watch the Telugu web series and are a huge fan of the legendary Nandamuri Balakrishna, you can watch Unstoppable. It is a popular Telugu talk show hosted by the legendary Telugu movie star Nandamuri Balakrishna.

But to watch Unstoppable with NBK, you must subscribe to a top OTT site such as aha. In this specific guide, you will learn more about this Unstoppable web series, including the fantastic episode with the one and only Prabhas.

Where Can You Watch Unstoppable with NBK?

If you want to watch season 1 or 2 of the Unstoppable web series with NBK, you must subscribe to an OTT site. aha is one of the largest Telugu OTT sites where you can watch all the latest episodes of this popular Telugu talk show. This is one of the most beloved web shows of OTT subscribers, and every episode only breaks the OTT records.

NBK is the host of this Telugu web show and has done a fantastic job in hosting the show. The best thing about this Telugu web series is that top South Indian movie stars arrive at every episode. The first season saw many top superstars, such as Rana Daggubati and Mahesh Babu, to name a few. The second season also started strong when the former CM of Andhra Pradesh arrived on the show with his son.

Unstoppable with NBK Featuring Prabhas

This is one of the latest episodes of NBK that featured the famous Telugu actor Prabhas; the episode is named the Bahubali episode. This is one of the most awaited episodes of this Telugu talk show, and this is one of the best episodes to date. The crowd roared in joy when NBK announced the arrival of Prabhas to the show.

This was a fun episode where many things were discussed between the host, Nandamuri Balakrishna and Prabhas. After the famous OTT channel, aha announced the arrival of Prabhas on the Telugu talk show, many records were broken. This is partly because Prabhas is a huge superstar, and there are multiple fans of his who watch this Telugu talk show.

Episode Highlights

There were many highlights of this Unstoppable with NBK episode, some of them are as follows:

  • The app crashed

After the promo of Unstoppable 2 with the NBK: Bahubali episode announced Prabhas as the guest, several records broke on Youtube. The aha OTT team had to postpone the release of this episode to December 29, 2022. But after that, they faced a lot of issues due to the love showered upon the episode by the fans.

After the episode with Prabhas started, the aha application crashed and, thus, led to a delay in the excitement. This was an unexpected technical error that was shown by multiple OTT fans on social media, and they also sought clarification from the OTT team regarding the issue.

The OTT company, aha, did not take time to respond to the queries; they tweeted,’ our love is boundless! Though our app is offline, our love is not. Give us some time to fix it, and we will be up and running soon.’ The technical glitch did not last for long, and fans were able to watch the Prabhas special episode.

  • There was a mass introduction of Prabhas by NBK.

The host of the show, who is lovingly called Balayya, is known for his funny and unusual way of introducing his guests. NBK started this special episode by giving a mass introduction to the favourite Bahubali star of India. This was a moment that was loved by the audience, and they, too, expressed their love for this moment on social media.

  • Prabhas respects NBK in a unique manner.

Though Prabhas is a massive superstar, he is also known for his simplicity, shy nature and respect towards the film industry elders. He respected NBK in a unique and loving manner; this made him win the hearts of all the audience members. There is a reason why he is called darling.

Stream the Latest Episode of Unstoppable on aha.

If you want to watch Unstoppable latest episodes with NBK, you must subscribe to aha. It is one of the top OTT sites where you can watch all your favourite New Telugu full movies, shows and web series from the comfort of your house.

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